At SCRATCHBACK we like sharing so this is why we are offering our partners a revenue share as part of their tandem work with Shen, a true Scratcher and co-guard. To keep things as simple as possible as a member of our SCRATCHBACK program you will earn a 30% lifetime Revenue Share from the earnings of your players based on our unmatched NGR* formula. It’s as simple as that.


We like to treat the ones scratching our back well, why in our affiliate program we simply don’t work with negative carry-over. Negative carry-over would mean a month of loss for a friend, would roll-over to the subsequent month. And maybe even the next…and next. Something Shen not approve of and might be seen as a thinking different, but goes without saying at SCRATCHBACK. Hence, partnering up with Shen will get you a fresh start with monthly earning potential every month and not worrying about historical downfall. So, if you scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours


At SCRATCH we run relevant campaigns in a timely manner to support your players do not miss out on anything exciting and fun, while helping them get that extra chance to win increments. Our campaigns and programs are always under the surveillance of Shen, why you can rest assured your players stay well and only play within their limits.

As we run programs we keep retaining players engaged with us, not only where they play safe, but also where they continue aggregate your commission based on their activity. Hence, SCRATCH and Shen are doing much of the work for you after you’ve acquired your players.

Partner rewards & lucky draws

Shen don’t leave it at giving away well earned sales commissions, even though being the best in market. No Sir. The team around Shen and SCRATCHBACK run regular competitions around partners and affiliates where extraordinary and outstanding performance being rewarded. Then spicing up even further with raffles and lucky draws to allow any partner to have a shot at prices, even though performing well will increase your chances. Happy go lucky!